Iraq CoC certification

Iraq’s central organization for quality control of standards (COSQC) will implement the pre-import inspection, testing and certification program (ICIGI), which aims to restrict imports of substandard and counterfeit products into Iraq.

According to article 8 Iraqi law 54, chapter 3, the Iraqi central standard quality control organization (hereinafter referred to as COSQC), will be implemented before import inspection, testing, and his plan (hereinafter referred to as ICIGI), designed to limit does not conform to the standard, the fake and shoddy products imported into Iraq, and protect its domestic consumers, producers, the environment and public safety. Iraq's central organization for quality control standards (COSQC) has conducted a pre-export inspection, testing and certification programme for goods exported to Iraq (ICIGI).

The project will begin on May 1, 2011. Conformance Certificate of Conformity (CoC) or Release Note must be attached to the arrival in Iraq of all products under the control of ICIGI before import. The certificate of conformity is the document required for the customs clearance of the goods and is used for the customs clearance of the goods in Iraq.



The Iraqi CoC is a compulsory certification, which is applied by the exporter and used for the importer's customs clearance at the port of destination. All goods exported to Iraq need to be certified, all products in the control catalog need to be certified as COC, and products outside the control catalog can be certified as COI. COC certificate and COI certificate are one-time customs clearance documents.

Certification process:

First determine the type of product is to belong to COC or COI -- -- -- --  submit application for audit by -- -- - -- -- to arrange inspection -- -- -- -- the delivery after payment certificate issued by -- -- -- -- -- his information.

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